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Indiana is known as the hoosier state. There are many theories as to how that nickname came to be, and a quick online search can offer many of them. I believe the truth of it is probably lost to history. Just pick your favorite and stick with it.

Indiana was admitted to the Union in 1816, becoming the 19th state. It's located in the Midwestern, and also the Great Lakes region. Indiana is divided into 92 counties.

About 1800 it became the first new territory established from part of the Northwest Territory. In 1811 Steamboats began to dock in southern Indiana on the Ohio River. Later, both southern and northern Indiana cities became important ports for Ohio river and Great Lakes traffic.

Indianapolis was choosen by committee in the Indiana General Assemply to be the new state capital in 1820. The name was Indiana, plus the Greek term for city, polis. The name Indiana means 'Indian land'.

In 1829 the National Road reached Indiana. This brought in wagon traffic letting goods flow in from the east coast. As the road was gravel covered, this brought traffic year round. The first railroad was opened in 1847, bring even more goods into the state.

In the 1850s the population of the state grew to over one million making it the 4th largest state in the country, making it a very politically influential state.

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